digital signage

The Digital Signage for unitymedia spins our world right ‚round, baby!

Curtain up for our Digital Signage work for unitymedia. 

Digital Signage allows you to be flexible and fast, to generate a considerable turnover of digital content in little time. It’s the ultimate targeting tool – in a nut shell:  you’re own TV station!

The speediness that comes with it can require day to day updates, so we developed a toolbox in cooperation with MKTG Germany full of wriggly twisters and colorful petals. They come in all kinds of shapes and forms, fitting any screen format available in their stores. Always on standby and ready to blast out of all our barrels.


A compilation of our animation work

Motion graphics make a big part of the Digital Signage content, it’s a super flexible way of pushing your product forward.