Gröeen Organic

full production how-to video & viral campaign

From product video to viral campaign – groeen organic has your back.

How did we end up doing a humorous viral campaign for groeen organic?

The German start-up was in need of a video for their holistic back treatment products. We packed our bags and shot the video within a day in a nearby spa hotel.

Soon the idea of a viral campaign popped up. And after a few days of swapping ideas, three litte fun stories emerged. A real collaborative effort with the actors Christine Sommer and Martin Brambach.

So we packed our bags once again for another fun-packed day of filming at groeen headquarters.

See further below for some relaxed feelings and giggles. 

The product video

The viral campaign

I AM relaxed!

The cocktail dress


It’s a wrap, folks!


all photos © Hannah Konda

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