hand drawn cartoons made from scratch

Cartoon animation for the supermarket chain real,- and their baby products range ‘Wunderbärchen’.

This cartoon animation project for real,-  and their baby product range Wunderbärchen is very dear to us.

The hero character stepped into our world thanks to Valyu, ready for adventures. But there was still something missing: a motley crew of loveable friends.

So Kai Christmann rushed to the drawing table and took care of the character design of the four playmates. Out came Willi, the raccoon; Elke, the owl; Rieke, the roe and Henri, the hare.

When it was time to breathe live into our characters, we found the perfect person for this job in  Vera Lalyko.  She drew every frame with passion and dedication by hand.

The 2D coloring and compositing was a true Hippie team effort with lots of coffee on the side.

The result: two absorbing tales – at least when you’re a 2 year old – of bringing happiness and wonders into the world, compassion and the knowledge that good friends are always there to bear a hand. Sorry for the bad pun.

We don’t want to deprive you of Kai’s wonderful work:

Here is an early stage of Vera’s magic:

Now grab some popcorn, brush up your German and enjoy our double feature!

‘How does one become a Wunderbärchen?”

‘Henri is tired!’

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